The bearable weight

This, my friends, is a photo of five double portions of bolognese sauce ready to go in the freezer: it is REALLY fucking boring, isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. Now, imagine that your child will eat only spaghetti bolognese four or five days of the week, and the other days he eats meatballs or […]

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The broken heart (and time)

Oops, sorry [face palm].  I started this post in May 2016,  and time, circumstance, an attention-deficit brain, the sheer monotony and hard work of dealing with all of the minutiae and massiveness of caring and advocating, depression, subsequent recovery and ACTUAL HAPPINESS stopped me writing. I don’t know why I stopped, to start again feels […]

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The start.

I haven’t just started being a parent – that started in November 2007 when I stubbed out a last cigarette the day after finding out I was pregnant. I haven’t just started caring either – that started not long before, but this is the first day a new role has been decided for me by me – […]

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